Where to Get Weird Stock Photos

Many brands and businesses skip the odd, human-centric stock images and incorporate weird stock photos to their social media, website, and blod posts to increase engagement and shareability. These weird stock photos feature landscapes, flatlays, and minimalist patterns that many people want to see these days. They can look terrifying or just bizarre.

Weird stock photography takes many forms. They can be an image of a woman wearing a pointed hat or a pretty girl with face paint. They can also be funny, such as the picture of a young boy wearing a DIY clown costume. (Read more here)

Now, several stock photography sites offer weird stock photos for your content development and design. They include weird images, hilarious pictures, and awkward poses in their collection. Unsplash, Little Visuals, and Pexels are known for this kind of images.  one of the best sources of high-quality weird stock images is Photocase, an incredible stock agency from Berlin.

Photocase may have a small collection of stock photos, but all represent an original concept. They have 500,000 stock images in the library, over 100 of which are premium stockphoto with a quirkiness in them. The image of a little boy dressed as Pennywise is both cute and terrifying. There is also a weird vampire portrait. The depth of their collection is not a trick, but a treat for creators and businesses.

Your choice of weapon can help extinguish the dullness of your content. Photocase offers two ways for you to purchase weird stock photos: Direct Purchase and Credit Bundle.

    Direct Purchase is a short and painless purchasing option. It is ideal for single purchases and occasional content requirements. You can buy the image your desire through credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.
    Credit Bundle is a cheap and convenient purchasing method. It is the best option for brands with large and frequent image needs. You can enjoy attractive discounts of credit packages, so you can download as many stock images you need.

Both Direct Purchase and Credit Bundle come with a Base License that allows you to use an image indefinitely for any number of different projects around the world. You can also use the photos on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. at no extra cost.

Other sources of weird stock photos
Other stock photography agencies that offer weird stock images include Stock Photo Secrets Shop, Adobe Stock, iStock, and Shutterstock. They have hundreds to thousands of funny, scary, and bizarre photos to fit the theme. The portrait of a young girl with creative skull makeup in SPS Shop is a sight to see. You can explore their libraries to find interesting stock imagery that suits your creative needs.

Photos of people wearing business suits and sitting in an office are a cliche. They can appear as vague and insincere, which makes it difficult for your audience to connect with your brand. Weird stock photos, on the other hand, may have zero sense but are commercially successful. They are especially visually-appealing and mind-boggling.